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Who are you?

An in-dept explanation of the question 'who are you?'

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The next question in our series is ‘who are you?’. Many people think that this question has to do with their names and their bio-data. However, it goes way beyond that. This question addresses your inner person and that which you have allowed to define you.

The question of who you are can only be answered by you alone. Now you are probably wondering how you can answer this question. Let’s go on this journey together.

Many things contribute to knowing who you are. Your experiences and, most importantly, respond to them over time contribute to your identity. Your purpose, passion, and drive also form the building blocks that make you who you are.

Often, the reason why many appear to drift along in life with no real purpose and meaning is that they have not realized who they are.

Let’s get this straight. People’s words and opinions don’t define you. Instead, what you make of them do. Your experiences do not define you; instead, your response to them does. The environment cannot change and affect you unless you allow it to.

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This is not an attempt at self-help or empty motivational talks that aim at nowhere and set impossible goals to attain. Instead, as I stated in the previous article, this aims at bringing out the deeper meanings that we have overlooked in these ‘cliche’ salutations.

Now, when someone asks to get to know you, this goes beyond your bio-data. Take a break and ask yourself ‘who am I?’. Not sure of your answer? Let’s proceed with these questions?

  • The previous unpleasant experience I had, how did I respond? Did I try to overcome it and look for possible solutions, or did I let it bring me down?
  • What defines my response to situations and my actions – is it my emotions, or do I consistently keep to set goals and plans, long after the moos has left?
  • What do I truly love doing? What drives my passion productively and brings out the best in me?
  • Am I proactive or reactive?
  • Who do I surround myself with? Or do I isolate for the wrong reasons?

These questions and many more you will discover in the place of meditation will open you up to the things that make up who you are. Your life is not meant to be lived in a routine. You have a place in this circle of life, and only YOU can fill that space. It is the discovery of who you are that births your success in this journey of life. No one can answer that.

GOOD NEWS…! Perhaps you came up with some not so pleasant answers about yourself. The great news is they can be corrected, and you can slowly begin to rewrite the wrong impressions that have etched themselves into your mind and heart. And as you stay committed to making progress, you will soon discover that you have a favourable answer to this question.

Remember, the goal of this is to awaken your consciousness to the seriousness of these casual questions. Next time someone asks you who you are, I’m sure you’ll answer differently than you would have.

On to the next question.

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