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Where do you live?

An in-dept explanation of the question 'where do you live'

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Remember our last dialogue between Caller A and the recipient? Well, it still goes on.

Caller A: I never knew you moved… So where are you now?

Recipient: oh… I’m at the market right now. Came to get a few ingredients for dinner tonight.

Caller A: that’s great. However, I wasn’t asking for your present location… I meant where do you live right now?

Recipient: (stumped) oh… Well…


I came across a quote while I was a teenager and I can’t remember who gave it. Part of it says ‘do not focus on the past; it doesn’t equal your future’. There are three main places you can live, and each has sufficient accommodation for anyone interested – the past, the present, or the future.

Living in the past:

There are two houses in the past… One good and the other…well… These two houses are called pain and glory. In the first house, people who live there are stuck in the hurts and agony of the past (either from others or their own mistakes) and they have refused or find it difficult to move forward. The present passes them by while they remain in the cocoon of past hurts.

The second set of people live in the second house called ‘glory’. They are the ones who utter statements like ‘when I was in…’, ‘in the year 199….’, ‘those days when I was still…’. Perhaps you have heard people make such statements, or maybe you have uttered some like that yourself. The snag of living on past glory is that it blinds most people towards the possibility of future achievements. This, their most beautiful achievement is in the past, and that’s the last of it.

Living in either of the two houses in the past is detrimental to the growth of any individual. Take time to assess yourself to be sure you don’t fall into this category. Whilst you do that, let’s check out the next accommodation…

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Living in the present:

As usual, there are two sides to it. Some pretend the past never happened while others pretend the future never will. Those who live like the past never happened to bury any experience of the past and plod on towards the future. However, the past indeed likes to play catch up, and when it does, they are ill-prepared for it.

Living like the future will never come, on the other hand, entails focusing so much on the present and making no preparations whatsoever for the future. Thus, you hear statements like ‘tomorrow will take care of itself’, ‘you only live once’, ‘enjoy life while it lasts’, etc., as excuses, people give when asked why they are not prepared for the future.

Living in the Future:

It is good to dream and dream big. However, when your dream becomes all you say, and there’s no action towards making that happen, you’re living in the future. When you make statements about what will happen when you start living your dream, do you take active steps in the present to make that future a reality? If the answer is ‘no’, then you are living in the future.

‘Where am I supposed to live then, if getting accommodation in any of the houses is not advisable?’, you may ask. Well, if you’ll come with me, I’ll show you a beautiful mansion prepared for you to live in. Wondering what it is? Well, it is the house I call…

PA PREFER (pronounced pah-pre-fer)

Have you never heard of that word before? Well, this house combines the past, present, and future, with all the facilities they offer and presents you with spacious rooms in it. Living in the past, present, or future by themselves is not advisable. However, in PAPREFER, you have the best of all.

You are not meant to forget your past pain or glory. Instead, you are supposed to pick lessons from them and learn from your mistakes and successes what to improve on and wrong steps to avoid. They should become sources of strength and inspiration that will aid your progress. It is also good to dream big. However, you’re not just to dream but work towards making your dream your reality, such that your vision becomes your present. Thus, as you draw from your past and dream of a better future, you can make the past and future contributions to your actions in the present. Alone, they’re not so good, but together, they make the most beautiful edifice.

Thus, draw from the past, dream your future, and employ your past and future to build your present.

In conclusion, these are not the only questions that have a deeper meaning than you initially thought. However, I hope with these series that you will begin to consider these questions, as well as other ‘ordinary’ questions people ask, a bit differently than you used to. Till we meet on the next series again, enjoy PAPREFER.

TAKE HOME: how about you construct that phone conversation again, and this time, fill in the blank spaces with the appropriate answers. Should be fun and enlightening. Bye for now……

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