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Where are you?

An in-dept explanation of the question 'where are you'

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A phone conversation is taking place…

Caller A: hello…

Recipient: hey my guy… What’s up? How are you?

Caller A: I’m fine ooo…just hanging in there. How have you been too? Been a while guy…

Recipient: oh, I’m okay… Life has been good to be. So glad to hear from you today… (laughter)

Caller A: yeah…same here. I came around your neighbourhood at XYZ street, and I just called to check on you… Perhaps I could even drop by and say hi before I leave.

Recipient: oh, no… I don’t stay there anymore… I’ve moved to a new neighbourhood. You missed me by two weeks…

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Caller: you don’t mean it… SO WHERE ARE YOU NOW?…


Hello reader, glad to have you back on our series again. Remember our conversation questions? We’ll be considering another frequently used, yet least attention paid to, a conversation starter. This will be most enlightening.

‘Where are you?’ is another seemingly common question that often slips by unnoticed in conversations. I know the expected reply to caller A’S question would be ‘oh, I’m in neighbourhood XYZ…’, or ‘I’m at school..the office…market..etc..’ as some would reply. However, the importance of the seemingly innocuous question ‘where are you?’ has been ignored.

The question of your location extends far beyond your physical space and refers to your location in life at present. Where are you right now? Are you at the peak of your career, living your dream? Or have you hit rock bottom with nowhere else to go? This is a question for you to reflect on. Stop and think for a moment about where you are in your life right now. Can you honestly say where you are, or can you not give an answer just yet?

Life seems to be passing you by, it seems – where are you?

People seem to be fulfilling their passions and carving out niches for themselves – where are you?

All is going on well for everyone except you (so it seems) – where are you?

You’ve dwelt so long in your past that reality now looks strange to you – where are you?


There are many more questions you can think of to add to the list. Knowing where you are gives you a definition, a goal, a starting point. For one who has missed a turn, there is a need to discover where you are to enable you to retrace your steps. Knowing where you are, you can ascertain if you have gotten to your destination, you are still on track, or if you’ve missed your way.

So dear reader, grab a coffee (or tea…I prefer either with loads of milk… Now that’s a story for another day), get a chair (you could stand or take a walk), get on the phone, and answer Caller A’s question – ‘where are you?’. He wants to drop by for a visit. I hope you guys can talk things over while I check on the cooking (just kidding).

Till we meet at the next question.

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