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Steps to Getting Your Content to Appear on Google News

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Have you ever heard of the Google news site? When it comes to getting traffic to your website, it works like magic.  Google news can potentially help your website generate thousands of clicks, resulting in increased sales and revenue.

If you are a webmaster, then Google News is where you should direct your web content efforts. However, there are a few essential tips to keep in mind, and you can join the train of this massive source of targeted traffic.

Here are steps you can take to get your content to appear on Google News:

Step One: Ensure that you publish content worth the News

One of the first things to do is determine what kind of content is published in Google News to assess your chances. The most commonly asked question is, does the blog need to be a news site in Google News? Well, not actually. Google considers content as News containing important details or News about current or significant events.

So, Google News likes blogs or websites that regularly create insightful content continuously. This way, if your website has newsworthy material that interests your audience, say about your industry or market, your likelihood of having indexed are higher even if your website is not a news site.

Take a peek at the Macrumors website, which is not exactly a news website but is included in Google News.

In the case of Google, because they exclusively adhere to traditional journalistic standards, transparency is the only policy. Nevertheless, you do not have to be an expert; it’s about your reasoning process.

In copywriting, the idea is to promote a business before a target audience. On the other hand, journalism demands a laser focus on the story and not promotion. Hence, you are required to be transparent enough with what you are reporting along with the style and substance of the article.

Step Two: Make use of the Publisher Center

A publisher centre is an essential tool if you want to get ranked on Google News. You have to share your content with Google News using the RSS feeds, videos, or website URLs utilizing the publisher centre tool. The tool uses a specialized web crawler to locate your website and helps your article become recognized as News content.

Keep in mind that the publisher centre tool does not guarantee that your content will rank in Google news.

Although it is not compulsory to use the publisher centre tool, on the other hand, it offers certain benefits, like:

  • You can personalize the section of your publication and content in Google news. You also have the opportunity to brand and design as you wish.
  • You can use the content area to run advertisements as Google News offers ad service, including premium product ads, and Google Ad Manager achieves this. There is also a paywall option that can be used by subscribing to Google.
  • If your publication has commercial terms, you will get an extra benefit. Google News has a management team that picks certain publications separately for Newsstand, based on the campaign’s timing, user interface consistency, and the importance of the promotional theme.

Step Three: Post-Fresh Content

Google News is programmed always to list fresh content. As previously mentioned, News is anything happening around, and it must be new and relevant to your niche. Furthermore, anything you are publishing should be based on current affairs to match the level of originality of your website.

Adopt the practice of churning out only current and high-quality content in your feed, which complies with Google news content policies. Doing this, your website or blog automatically becomes eligible for the Google News app and website.

Step Four: Stay Away From Duplicate content

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Most users prefer embedding thumbnails or the same image in various sizes or subtly different cropped images in their feed. Little do they know that they will all appear in the article and spoil their article’s quality.

The same applies to the posts. To recognize fresh articles, Google’s system uses the <guid> tag in the feed.

Suppose a post is updated on your website and generates a new <guid> tag. In that case, the two different versions of the edition articles are displayed, giving an impression of duplicate content. If you want to avoid this, ensure that no new ID is generated for article updates in your feed.


Step Five: Ensure that your website is safe for browsing

Google can remove sites from search results that are risky for browsing. This drop is brief until the website is safe for browsing again.

Websites that frequently face malware-related problems, website downtime, and website security, then you meet your site being pulled from Google News.

Check your website for stable browsing regularly using the Google Safe Browsing App, track your website uptime using these free utilities, and get an SSL certificate for your website.


Step Six: Lookout For Missing Media

When you are embedding media to your content, ensure that you adhere to the feed instructions. You have to understand that Google News strictly cares about its readers; hence, they ensure that they provide a rich user experience.

You must always check for broken slideshows and the missing media in podcasts, audio referring to articles, and articles referring to the video.

Step Seven: Organize well Formatted Articles

Understand that a well-formatted article is easier to read, and it retains the reader’s interest and creates a good user experience. It is all made possible because the article is appropriately displayed.

How to format your article:

  • Decide on a proper character encoding.
  • Ensure you break the paragraphs and make them shorter. 2 – 3 lines of sections are the most common ones. Also, there should be a break between headers, subheaders, and paragraphs.
  • Ensure that you place the image captions close to the associated images.
  • Ensure that your overall content is free from grammar and error.
  • Finally, ensure that your content complies with Google news policy.

Step Eight: Update your website always.

To make it easy to add to Google News, you need to upload several news reports a day. To do this, you’d need authors to create new stories properly and send them on the same day.

Writers may need to be educated and informed of the investigative approach that Google News follows with stories. Besides, there must be a page for authors on the site to present each of them to the writer’s team.

Besides, there must be a concise biography of the author at the end of the document, complete with professional accomplishments and an email address.

This is part of Google’s mandate that any news source is requested for a list of writers responsible for publishing articles on their website. Google also demands to have contact information for each author while submitting it.


Now that you have gone through all these tips, the next thing would be for you to implement it to get the desired results.  Nevertheless, before you proceed, it is essential that you first create a road map and your way of approach. Another tip is for you to observe other news websites and their activities. While these tips will get the job done for you, your observance will add more benefits.

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