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How to use content marketing for brand awareness

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Content marketing has risen rapidly in recent years. The report shows that 89% of businesses are now using content marketing as a tool for business expansion — and good reason. Ninety-six per cent of B2B users want more insightful leadership content.

With millions of content reaching the internet every day, businesses’ most significant challenge is being heard on such a crowded medium. Most importantly, how do companies distinguish themselves from their competitors in a realistic way that draws and converts clients?

The Essentiality of Brand Awareness

The most successful way to make your content stand out and get the exposure it deserves is to make sure your brand suits your content. This level of strategic content marketing helps create brand recognition and improve the prestige of the business.

Building brand recognition by content marketing is not as complicated as you would imagine, but it needs strategic planning. Here are a few tips to help you build a content marketing strategy that enhances brand recognition.

Brand Definition

You can’t produce content to develop your brand if you haven’t clearly outlined what your brand would be like. When identifying the brand, remember the following areas:

  • Your Vision – A business should have a straightforward and concise mission statement that outlines its core principles and priorities. All the content generated by the company should highlight the company’s ideals and help it achieve those objectives.
  • Your Value – Businesses need to understand the value they add to the market and the consumer. Are you thinking of as leaders? Experts in the industry? A valuable asset, huh? Before beginning a content marketing strategy, you should know the value that your company provides.
  • Your Voice – It’s also crucial to decide the voice of the brand. Would you want to be seen as authoritative, polite, customer-centric, or something else? Whatever theme you pick, make sure it suits your core mission and lets you develop relationships with your clients.

Marriott is an organization that has recognized its mission, value, and voice to lead a very active content marketing strategy. Since its formation, Marriott has prided itself on having a reputation for excellent customer service.

With this in mind, the organization has set out to become “the world’s greatest producer of travel-related content.” Marriott aims to present its brand as an authority in the travel industry. Marriott acknowledged its goal to offer outstanding customer support, importance to its prime customer — the traveller — and a voice as an industry specialist. This is a content marketing technique that satisfies all three of Marriott’s points.

Understand your Target Audience

In addition to understanding your brand, you need to know who your target client is. Develop a Buyer Identity to provide a more in-depth view of how your intended customer feels, acts online, and interacts. A high-level buyer persona will help you craft content that appeals specifically to your “ideal” client.

You should also have a good grasp of the client’s journey and appreciate the different complexities of the customer at each point of the journey. This consumer experience helps you to cater to content that appeals to consumers at unique moments of interaction during the trip. This kind of focused advertising will boost user loyalty and raise conversion rates.

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ADP is a prime example of how targeting your content to suit your clients’ needs while also being loyal to your name will help draw consumers. ADP understood that rising market rates were a big problem for many of its target consumers. The organization fused this need with ADP’s primary mission—”to provide informative ideas that fuel value and success for our clients”—to build a genius content marketing strategy.

ADP has disclosed how much businesses could save on ADP business solutions in dollar amounts through a collection of white paper content. ADP says that only this one content marketing strategy has earned them more than $1 million in new revenue.

Develop a Content Marketing Strategy

Brand awareness doesn’t just grow overnight, but rather through strategic and focused marketing. It’s not enough to write content and share it online. It would be best if you created a strategy that suits your business’s identity and connects with the customers.

Brand awareness isn’t a stand-alone technique. You have to acknowledge it at all levels of the business. Ensure all key players are on board and appreciate the company’s mission, value, and goal and what the “ideal” customer looks like.

Maintaining a comprehensive editorial schedule will bring the staff up to date and ensure that the content flow follows its objectives. Your attention can also be on providing meaningful content that is relevant to the customer.

Ensure You Monitor Content

Online content will get out of hand if it is not appropriately handled. Just one unanswered message on a post might help the brand appear to be unresponsive. Ensure that your brand is consistent, track online content regularly, and respond to or delete comments when appropriate.

Practice Analyzing and adjusting Techniques

One mistake that you need to avoid in creating a content marketing strategy is not testing its efficacy. Analyze leading indicators to assess whether the campaign has achieved the desired outcomes.

Track metrics such as content penetration, engagement, and conversion to provide a clear picture of each form of content’s effectiveness.

Getting this empirical data in front of you will help you decide which content strikes a chord with the consumer and where changes need to be made. Then you can better strategize your content to optimize its total effect.


As you can see, content marketing is more than merely writing it and just posting it on your website. To be heard in today’s crowded and chaotic industry, companies need to create brand equity within their content. This is the best way to separate yourself from your competitors and convince consumers why they should prefer your products or services.

When outsourcing your content production, make sure you collaborate with an organization interested in knowing your brand. Companies that deliver a rapid turnaround with limited feedback are likely to provide little value to the content. Instead, partner with content services those partners with brands to ensure that their identity is connected in any piece of content they produce.

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