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How are you?

A well detailed examination of the question 'How are you'

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Hello and welcome to the first set in the series of questions we will be considering. The question ‘how are you?‘ seems like a catchphrase that has become an overused salutation. Often when asked, we gloss over it, giving a perfunctory response while we rush on to the next item for consideration.

Thus, it’s not surprising that a lot of times when people say they are fine, they are not. Buzzing through their minds are myriads of questions and thoughts that make others seem minuscule in comparison. Why do we then respond that we are fine when we are not at all?

Eureka! It’s probably because we are accustomed to handling our problems by ourselves that we have forgotten how to share. Meanwhile, the other fellow doesn’t need your stories as people have got their challenges. In reality, we mean it when we ask, and no one expects a reply.

The reply to this introductory question, that sets the stage for the conversation is one that is of primary importance. If we fail to give a proper answer to this question, we will experience difficulty in answering the rest of the questions in this series.

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The next time someone asks you this question, take some seconds to ponder over it and run a quick scan in your mind to give an honest answer. Does this imply that you pour out your life history and challenges to the person? Of course not. Instead, what I aim to do is create consciousness within you of the need for constant self-examination.

Take some time off your busy schedule and quietly do some checks and balances of your life. Be honest with yourself and note the areas that need improvement. Begin to work on those areas, and you’ll be amazed at the results you get. Remember, it’s only the ostrich that hides its head in the sand to avoid challenges (really do not know how that is possible, but hey, I’m not the ostrich).

Now, here’s a catch as we wrap up this question. When someone asks how you are, reply honestly. Shocking right? The truth is, friends are like treasures, unearthed in the most unlikely places.

You might be surprised at the reply you get. P. S: this does not apply to a business interview or formal situations that require the standard answer. Anyways, I hope you begin to think about the question “how are you?” a lot more differently.

On to the next question.

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